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Start your morning with a hot, made-from-scratch breakfast at Stack’em  High Pancakes. This cozy pancake house offers a variety of omelets and pancakes, as well as all your breakfast favorites.

If you’re ready to eat, you’ll love Stack’em High Pancakes’ fast service. You place your order at the counter as you walk in, and then get seated by wait staff, who will bring your food out to you.

Delicious menu items include pancakes stacked the way you like them, blueberry & banana nut waffles and Greek omelet with spinach, vegetables and feta cheese. Specialty pancakes include Island Delight (coconut, chocolate chip and banana), Blue Crunch (blueberries and pecans), Chunky Monkey (banana and chocolate chips), Banana Split (banana, chocolate chips and pecans) and Berry Berry (blueberries and strawberries). Another popular favorite breakfast dish is red flannel hash and clam hash with sunny side up eggs! Even the toast at Stack’em High Pancakes is amazing, made with large, soft pieces of fresh-baked bread!

The dining room is large, but you still get the sense you are eating at a friend’s house. The decor and living room-style sofa and TV set up in the corner make you feel right at home. After breakfast, move to the sofa to use the free wifi while you catch up on the morning news while you enjoy more coffee.

If you love the breakfast, you can continue to enjoy the food at home. Stack’em High Pancakes’ sells pancake/waffle mix and posts a variety of recipes on the restaurant’s website.
Wherever the day takes you, you will start it off right at Stack’em High Pancakes.