As soon as you open the door at this charming store, you’ll smile. Instead of a door chime, you’ll hear the sound of quacking!  The merchandise offered here is geared to enjoying life’s little pleasures: wine, jewelry, chocolate, ice cream and pastries, and each and every one is extraordinary. There is also a coffee bar that offers javas and teas, as well as yoghurt shakes and fruit smoothies. 

But that is hardly all. There are 16 flavors of Belgian chocolate, including coconut, banana, hazelnut, Grand Marnier and champagne. There are also 18 flavors of gelato available, including bubblegum, banana, Tahitian vanilla and snickers. Best yet, the gelatos and chocolates are made on the premises! The pastries are also homemade, and include mouth-watering New York cheesecake and chocolate cannolis. Wine bottles are displayed attractively and in a custormer-friendly fashion in wooden wine boxes on tables. Choices include Oliver wines and a wide variety of North Carolina wines. And to top it off, the store has a very cool selection of costume jewelry. If you need to treat yourself, what more could you ask for?

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