When it comes to discovering an arsenal of unique treasures, antique fans and explorers will find everything they are looking for and then some with a visit to The Elegant Attic. Situated in a charming coastal home on the edge of NC Highway 12 in Buxton, this unique gift shop has everything from antiques to unique treasures to ensure that shoppers of all tastes will find a little something that catches their eye.

The Elegant Attic may look like a simple and traditional coastal home from the exterior, but the inside is brilliantly outfitted with a wide range of gorgeous stained glass windows and unique antique pieces. From home décor items to little treasures, no shell has been unturned when it comes to the myriad of used and new items for sale. In the spring and summer season, The Elegant Attic sells a wide array of plants and flowers, which are often spotted on the front yard, making a truly colorful scene. With a specialty in antiques, and particularly stained glass windows from England that were made in the 1800s and early 1900s, The Elegant Attic is a wholly unique shopping destination on Hatteras Island that will entice treasure hunters everywhere to stop on by.

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