When you’re too tired to get out of your car, or you just are too sandy and wet, Sonic is the answer. Famous for it’s car-side service,  drivers can just pull up to the menu at one of the stalls, review the choices and then order with the push of a button. Before you know it, a carhop delivers the meals right to the drivers’ side of your vehicle, and you pay the carhop with cash, or pay the machine with your credit or debit cards. Offerings are typical fast food: cheeseburgers, fries and chicken, but some loyal customers swear it’s better than most.  And there is also a hot dog menu, with several regional choices and corn dogs. And there’s a kids’ menu, and breakfast burritos, French toast and egg and cheese sandwiches are available any time. Sweet tooth’s can be satisfied with a vast number of ice creams options in the Frozen Zone,  including sundaes, shakes and mixed-up “blasts.” And after 8 p.m., a menu of shakes can be had for half the price! Then there is the vast menu of Sonic specialties that cool you from the inside out: six flavors of limeades, including cherry, cranberry and strawberry; six flavors of fruit slushes, a mix of fruit and slush, including pineapple island breeze and lemonberry fruit; and seven flavors of the famous slushes, including cherry, orange and watermelon. 

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