Painted in bright primary color stripes, this little ice cream & food stand on the Beach Road has a long history in Nags Head. Until 1954, it was located near the spot where a kid-sized castle still stands at Jockey’s Ridge. Depending on the direction of the wind, the castle disappears under sand for years at a time, and then re-emerges. That may explain why Snow Bird was moved to a less volatile area on the west side of the Beach Road. It’s easy to see the reason the stand has stood the test of time: It’s perfect for getting a quick meal or cool ice cream treat when you're going to and from the beach, with no worries about your sand-covered attire and bare feet.  And it’s open late to satisfy last-minute munchies. The menu is surprisingly complete for an ice cream stand, including appetizers like grilled veggies and wings; baskets of corn dogs, clams, shrimp or chicken with fries; a variety of hotdogs and burgers; and wraps or sandwiches. Ice cream, of course, is offered in all its favorite ways: waffle cone or cup; milkshakes,floats, malts and flurries; and a variety of sundaes. There is also a kids' menu. 

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