• Thursday, May 17th - Saturday, May 19th 10:00 AM

Head to the heart of Nags Head for this special and wholly unique event that celebrates the lifelong collection of one of the Outer Banks’ most legendary beachcombers. Nellie Myrtle spent decades combing the beaches close to her Outer Banks home, and amassed a stunning collection of shells, artifacts, and other treasures that are truly one of a kind. During this event, beachcombers are free to admire her treasures to celebrate her 100th birthday.

The open house is located at the aptly name Outer Banks Beachcomber Museum, and it’s also one of the last opportunities for folks to explore the charming museum before its move to a new and permanent location. During the event, admission is free for all visitors who want to peruse the treasure trove of finds from a lifetime of scouting along the sand. Photos are welcome within the museum as well, and friendly staff will be on hand to answer questions about some of Nellie’s most unique treasures and unusual acquisitions. Fun for all ages, Nellie Myrtle's 100th Birthday Open House is a great opportunity to discover the wealth of treasures that wash up all along the beaches of the Outer Banks, just waiting to be discovered.