Why scream for ice cream when you can enjoy old-fashioned frozen custard? This wonderfully beachy outdoor take out stand is the perfect stop on a beautiful summer day for delicious frozen custard as well as beach fries, sandwiches, hotdogs and burgers.

The owners of Kill Devil’s will assure you that frozen custard is much more than “another name for soft ice cream.” Frozen custard means the dairy dessert contains 10 percent milkfat and 1.4 percent egg yolk, which makes for a rich and creamy difference you will definitely notice. Frozen custard denser as well because it is not fluffed up with air.

Each day Kill Devil’s Frozen Custard & Beach Fries offers a variety of custard flavors, including chocolate and vanilla, but also more unique creations, such as peanut butter, coconut, key lime or pumpkin. And there are so many ways to enjoy the custard, from cones, to sundaes to the magnificent Wicked Waffle (served between two warm, buttery waffles!). Shakes, malts, smoothies and Hurricanes, blends with candy mix-ins, make it hard to decide on a treat to order.

Kill Devil’s Frozen Custard & Beach Fries offers much more than custard. Make it a stop for lunch and enjoy refreshing , grilled chicken sandwiches and veggie burgers, hot dogs and famous hand-cut beach fries. This beach stand offers the perfect selection for casual summertime meals.

The stand features covered picnic tables where you can enjoy the beautiful summer weather while eating in the shade. This makes it an exceptionally easy place to take your kids for a quick eat and treat.

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