• Thursday, June 14th 6:14 AM

Ocracoke Island is a community that loves to have a little fun and put on a show, and at this annual event, newcomers will be surprised at the pageantry, the laughs, and the all-around good times that highlight this engaging and wholly unique event. The Women's Arm Wrestling Tournament is an annual event that is as much about spectacle as it is actual strength, and which is an entertaining competition that will have everyone on their feet and rooting for their favorites.

Don’t be surprised if you see a number of colorful costumes at the Women's Arm Wrestling Tournament, as the participants at this yearly event love to dress up and get into their creative characters. The double-elimination tournament will wow spectators with the glittering costumes, but is equally impressive for its show of strength and determination by fierce ladies who are ready to win. The top finisher enjoys local bragging rights for an entire year, and the event is sponsored and hosted by WOVV 90.1FM, which is Ocracoke’s own community-supported radio station. Always entertaining, the annual Women's Arm Wrestling Tournament is a great event for new visitors to experience the lively and fun community spirit that this small coastal village is renowned for.