The shop manager likes to describe this cool store as “the most fun place on the beach.” That might be pushing it, but it’s definitely one of those stores that make you smile and want to take something home. It’s got everything from classic women’s clothing to cutting edge trendy garb, for “teeny-bopper to grandmother,” and from tip to toe ---literally. There’s shapewear, dresses, blouses, pants, skirts and shoes and sandals. And there are all the embellishments and accessories---belts, scarves, purses, jewelry, hats --- all unique and stylish. Plus, there’s lots of playful and colorful housewares and beach-y décor --- mirrors, lamps, shell decorations, art, candles, picture frames. There are even troll beads and charms in stock. Funny cards and plaques sold throughout the store would make an amusing gift or souvenir. 

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