Opened in 1990, this store is still sometimes called an antique shop, but the owner said it is more accurately described as a quirky little shop that sells some antiques.  What it is mostly known for is its signage that celebrates everything from the beach, to nature to universal life experiences.  

The signs, with clever, funny or inspirational sayings, range in size from a pretty embroidered cloth in a frame that can be displayed on a desk or table, to large wood-framed signs that can be posted on a fence, a door or a wall. Other signs are made of tin and are colorful, light and durable.  There are also charming pieces of folk art, baskets and metal garden décor mixed in among offerings like vintage clothing, fabric runners, old quilts and coverlets.  

This is one of those stores that offer surprises everywhere you turn, because you’re never quite sure what to expect to see. The merchandise is unique, and it seems like its main focus is that it be interesting and well-made. Even if customers can’t find what they’re looking for themselves, this is a great place to find a one-of-a-kind gift.

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