• Saturday, April 27th - Sunday, April 28th 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Native Journeys will be a yearly event held the last weekend of April every year. Each year we will explore an aspect of Native Culture. Our premier event will be all about Music & Dance. We have Red Oak Singers as our pow wow drum. Ha'aheo O Hawai'i Hula to teach and share traditional Hula. Flute players, Storytellers, wonderful crafts, hands on activities for kids & adults, chances to dance, do some drumming, learn about the Hatteras tribes, get your name in Cherokee, and to visit and speak with Native Elders. Come and share with us!

Lots of great activities to do!  Adults can sign up for the Rattle Making Class (it’s 2 hours each day)

Kids can make their own rattle or mini drum for free (no sewing here!)

Speak to a Native Elder, listen to our storytellers, learn about the Hatterask people, listen to some of the Native Languages,

Get your name in the Cherokee alphabet, join us in the circle and learn some dances, try one of the instruments at the sound table (gourd rattle anyone?), visit our vendors and eat some awesome food! 

Make sure to visit with our special guests Ha'aheo O Hawai'i Hula and learn about real hula and how to say Aloha the right way!

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