From fishing gear, tackle, and supplies for a rustic trek to Portsmouth Island, to ferry service that brings 4WD vehicles to the very edge of this desolate island, Morris Marina serves as the gateway for a wide range of adventures on the northern section of the Cape Lookout National Seashore. Known as the premiere provider of vehicular ferry service to the Long Point Cabins within the National Seashore, (and one of the few vehicle ferry providers in the Southern Outer Banks), Morris Marina has a longstanding reputation as the place to go to reach this remote and undeniably stunning undeveloped shoreline.

There are two ferries that regularly depart the Morris Marina for Portsmouth Island in the prime warm weather and fishing months – the Green Grass and the Donza Lee. Both vessels can accommodate pedestrians, 4-wheelers or ATVS, and 4WD vehicles of veritably all sizes, and each mode of transportation has a specific rate for a ride to and from the Portsmouth Island shoreline. Though there are limited facilities onboard, the ferry trip takes just 45 minutes or so, and passengers will be dropped off at the edge of the Cape Lookout National Seashore Long Point Campground. As a result, Morris Marina is a longstanding favorite destination for starting any full exploration of Portsmouth Island and the remote National Seashore.

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