Where to stay in Kill Devil Hills

Vacation rental homes are the most popular way to stay in the Outer Banks. Rental homes are available in Kill Devil Hills from:

Kill Devil Hills is one of the Outer Banks' most bustling communities, with plenty of shops, restaurants, shopping plazas, attractions and rental homes to go around. In Kill Devil Hills, vacationers can retreat to quiet soundside cottages, stay in the middle of all the action along the Oceanfront beach road, or find accommodations everywhere in between. The options are seemingly endless in Kill Devil Hills, making it an easy task to find just the right size and style vacation rental for your visiting party.

In addition to the wide range of vacation rentals, Kill Devil Hills has plenty of entertainment options for all members of the family. From putt-putt courses and laser tag to local breweries and fine dining restaurants, it's easy to fill up an entire day of Outer Banks fun without ever stepping foot on the beach. Families who crave activity and want to be close to all the action will appreciate a Kill Devil Hills vacation. With tons of entertainment, and some of the Outer Banks' biggest attractions located a quick stroll or drive away, folks who stay in a Kill Devil Hills vacation rental will need another week or two of vacation time to fit in all the varying things to do.

The Kill Devil Hills Beach Scene

The Kill Devil Hills beach scene is always hopping. Even in the shoulder and off-seasons, visitors will find plenty of local stores, restaurants and businesses wide open for patrons, and a steady stream of traffic buzzing along the US 158 Beach Bypass.

Kill Devil Hills is located in the heart of the central Outer Banks, sandwiched in between Nags Head and Kitty Hawk, which are popular beach destinations in their own right. As a result, Kill Devil Hills is located an easy drive away from all the big attractions, from the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island, to the Jockey's Ridge State Park in Nags Head, to the Kitty Hawk Woods National Wildlife Refuge just a couple miles away.

Kill Devil Hills also has several big name attractions all its own, particularly the Wright Brothers Memorial which is located in the center of the village, and towers over the town's landscape. In addition, visitors will find dozens of restaurants and stores, and easy access to off-the-beach fun activities, like the local movie theater, putt-putt courses, bowling alley, arcades and game rooms, and all the other things-to-do that make a beach vacation destination a fun and active getaway.

Like all towns along the central Outer Banks, Kill Devil Hills has a sound facing and ocean facing border, which is cut through by two major roads. The main drag is the four lane beach bypass, which stretches from Kitty Hawk to Nags Head, while along the beach side lays the smaller and less-used two lane "beach road" which also runs through the expanse of the central Outer Banks. This road was in fact the original main highway through the beaches, until the bypass was built in the 1970s to ease the growing traffic congestion.

As a result, Kill Devil Hills has three distinct sections: the oceanside communities and businesses, (which are all located along the commercial lots bordering the beach road), the "between the highways" section which is mainly vacation rental communities, and the soundside which is a combination of vacation rental homes, condos, and year-round residences.

Visitors can head west through Kill Devil Hills all the way to Colington Harbor for a scenic trip through a primarily residential soundside neighborhood, or can stay east and enjoy all the great beaches and roadside amenities. One of the best attributes of Kill Devil Hills is that so many beach and convenience stores, snack shops, and restaurants are located right along the beach road, making it easy for beach-goers to hop across the dunes, grab a quick lunch or a couple extra beach towels, and be back on the beach within minutes.

As for the beaches themselves, the Kill Devil Hills shoreline is certainly one of the most popular on the Outer Banks, but when it comes to crowds, it pales in comparison to larger beach attractions like Virginia Beach or Myrtle Beach, SC. Even in the height of summer, visitors will still find plenty of room to spread out a few beach blankets and a canopy, and the shoreline has a number of other features that make it attractive to vacationers as well. For one thing, many of the beaches are seasonally lifeguarded, giving families a safe area to swim and splash around. In addition, the beach is incredible easy to get to. There are a number of public parking areas for visitors who aren't staying close to the ocean, and with a minor dune system and plenty of beach boardwalks, it's just a quick stroll from the parking spot or beach house to get to the ocean shoreline.

In fact, growing erosion has become a concern for some northern areas of Kill Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk, and beach nourishment plans are being investigated to widen the shoreline, but in the meantime visitors can enjoy the easy access that puts a vacationer from the boardwalk to the ocean within seconds.

Essentially, Kill Devil Hills' beach scene is all about relaxed convenience. With ample amenities and activities in all directions, and limitless ways to stay entertained, vacationers will find plenty to do both on and off the beach.

Types of Rentals Available

The sheer variety of vacation rentals is where Kill Devil Hills really shines. There are several condo complexes, generally tucked away along the soundside or by the oceanfront, several "campgrounds" which are designed for RV parking, and hundreds of vacation rental homes to choose from.

These vacation rental homes come in all shapes and sizes, and are located throughout the town, although the biggest concentration of properties are along the beach road and between the highways, located just a 2-5 minute walk away from the beach, with no major roads to cross.

Visitors who only need a small 2-3 bedroom cottage will find an abundance of sunny retreats in family-friendly neighborhoods that are within walking distance of both the ocean and the local restaurants and shops. The homes are generally one story, and many are located inland enough that they require no pilings, creating easy one-level living space for family members with mobility concerns.

The majority of homes are in the 4-7 bedroom range, however, particularly along the ocean-facing beach road. These properties are several stories in order to present fantastic views of the beaches just 50-100 yards away, and can offer a wide range of amenities including hot tubs, game rooms, multiple master bedrooms, and expansive living rooms or great rooms that take full advantage of those oceanfront views.

Of course, visitors on the lookout for the large 8+ bedroom sandcastles that have been growing in popularity on the Outer Banks in the past decade will find those too. These properties can be found both by the ocean, with sparkling private pools and multiple living areas, or by the soundfront, where they are shaded by maritime forests and stand as private, indulgent retreats.

Because Kill Devil Hills is so wide and varied, and has so many options available, potential guests are encouraged to look at local online property maps, (which are offered from the majority of vacation rental companies), to see both proximity to the beach, and proximity to local amenities. With Kill Devil Hills' wide assortment of businesses, it's not too difficult to find a vacation rental within walking distance of a local favorite restaurant, store, bar, attraction, or all of the above.

Visitors to Kill Devil Hills should take their time, and explore all of the many vacation rentals available. With so many options, and so many different amenities that are unique to every individual property and neighborhood, potential vacationers are sure to find everything they desire in a vacation rental in this bustling beach town.

Benefits of Kill Devil Hills Vacation Rentals

The most noticeable benefit of a Kill Devil Hills vacation rental is the sheer number of amenities and services available. Vacationers in this town don't have to travel very far to find regionally acclaimed restaurants, breweries or wine shops, beach supply stores, surf shops, and a variety of other popular Outer Banks destinations.

That said, Kill Devil Hills still maintains a relatively small town charm, with uncrowded beaches that are easy to get to, quiet soundside neighborhoods that are ideal for biking or walking, and beach cottages that are unimposing and fit right in with the laid-back Outer Banks beach scene. The beaches in this town, despite being some of the most visited on the Outer Banks, still feature plenty of room to spread out and relax, and with summertime lifeguards, regularly-spaced intervals of public beach access and boardwalks, and local town ordinances that keep the beaches clean and pristine, these beaches are some of the most attractive along the East Coast. The Outer Banks is, after all, first and foremost known for its beaches, and Kill Devil Hills, despite its size, is no exception.

Kill Devil Hills is basically a great destination for families who appreciate a great beach, but who still want plenty of options of alternative things to do during their vacation. From romantic dinners at fine dining restaurants, to teen nights at local dance clubs, to family mini-golf outings, Kill Devil Hills has it all, and the only problem a busy vacationer may have is deciding what to do next.

Considerations of Kill Devil Hills Vacation Rentals

Vacationers who crave a lot of privacy and limited distractions might not be a good fit for Kill Devil Hills. Because the town features so many shops and restaurants, it is almost always a hopping beach scene, even in the wintertime, and visitors who want to simply disappear off the map would be better suited in the southern Outer Banks or northern 4WD regions of the Currituck Banks.

In addition, visitors staying on the soundside should note that they will need to cross the busy 4-lane beach bypass in order to access the beach on foot. Luckily, there are a number of stoplights with crosswalks scattered throughout the town, and plenty of public parking areas so soundside visitors can just as easily drive over to the beach, (with all their gear in tow), and enjoy a quick walk over the dunes to reach the oceanfront.

Visitors should also note that the lifeguarded beaches and roving lifeguard patrols are seasonal, generally lasting from late spring until early fall, with the majority of beaches unguarded during the shoulder and off-seasons. The town also maintains a "red flag" system to warn swimmers of possible rip currents and unsafe swimming conditions, and visitors are advised to heed these caution signals and stay out of the water when the flags are set up along the beach.

Other than the sheer popularity of Kill Devil Hills, however, visitors will find themselves well-accommodated with plenty of ways to have fun. With many attractions and amenities within walking or driving distance, all a Kill Devil Hills vacationer has to do is pick an activity, step outside the rental house, and join in the fun.

Tips and Tricks for Kill Devil Hills Vacation Rentals

  • Vacationers on a budget should definitely review the options available in Kill Devil Hills. Many of the smaller "between the highways" cottages are among the least expensive on the beach, and yet still enjoy exceptional beach access with the ocean located just a 5 minutes stroll away. Be on the lookout for small 2-3 bedrooms cottages with an oceanside location, and enjoy fantastic beach and local amenity access without the extra cost.
  • Kill Devil Hills vacation rental rates, like the majority of homes and condos along the Outer Banks, also fluctuate with the rental season. A shoulder season vacation rental is often significantly cheaper than a prime summertime week, and visitors with a bit of flexibility in their vacation schedules, and who want to save a bit of money to boot, should check out the spring and fall rentals available in Kill Devil Hills.
  • Vacationers who are heading to the Outer Banks in winter and who still want to have plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment options should definitely consider staying in Kill Devil Hills. While a number of Outer Banks beach towns in the southern and northern Outer Banks tend to close up shop after Thanksgiving, Kill Devil Hills stays wide open all year round, with many local restaurants, spas, stores and shopping plazas welcoming visiting patrons, (and sometimes offering an off-season discount of services or stock.)
  • A handful of Kill Devil Hills and central Outer Banks vacation rentals take advantage of their central location, and offer free passes to a number of local amenities. This can include weekly admittance to the local YMCA in Nags Head, the local fishing piers, the community pools, or even the local golf courses. Visitors who want to turn their vacation into a package deal should look for homes that offer access to the local attractions as an amenity.
  • Don't wait too long to book. Even though Kill Devil Hills has a seemingly endless supply of cottages available, the summer weeks tend to fill up quickly. Many vacation rental companies in the central Outer Banks allow booking up to one year in advance, so visitors are advised to plan as early as possible to get their favorite vacation rental reserved for their summer vacation.

A vacation rental in Kill Devil Hills is a good way to experience the very best of what the Outer Banks has to offer. With some of the region's best restaurants, largest beach stores, most unique galleries and gift shops, and most entertaining activities, Kill Devil Hills seemingly has it all, easily accessible, to all its vacationers.

With a centralized location that makes any jaunt to a neighboring Outer Banks beach town an easy day trip, or even a 10 minute excursion, Kill Devil Hills' vacation rentals allow visitors easy explorations to all areas of the Outer Banks. This is all in addition to sunny beaches, charming coastal neighborhoods, and an array of vacation rentals virtually guaranteed to suit all tastes and styles.

Outer Banks newcomers who love having ample activities to choose from should definitely consider a vacation rental in Kill Devil Hills. With ample entertainment that doesn't overshadow the laid-back beach atmosphere, Kill Devil Hills is an ideal destination for families who love to stay busy, make memories, and have continuous fun while on vacation.


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