• Wednesday, July 21st - Thursday, July 22nd 7:30 AM

Head to the Old Lighthouse Site in the heart of Buxton for an opportunity to see some of the best local and regional surfers show off their skills at this special event that’s sponsored by the Eastern Surfing Association (ESA.) The ESA has long been heralded as the top organization for East Coast surfing tournaments, and during this late July competition, spectators can see the best of the best compete on the local waves of Hatteras Island.

The Old Lighthouse Site, which is just before the current locale of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, is one of the most popular surf spots for Hatteras Island locals and visitors alike, thanks to its big waves that are amplified by the old lighthouse jetties. During this competition, a wide range of area surfers will hit the beach in what is sure to be an amazing show of skills for visitors everywhere. The competition begins at 7:30 a.m., and visitors can sign up for the tournament through the website, www.surfsignup.com under Virginia events. This summertime surfing tournament is also partnered with the local organization Hatteras Island Christian Fellowship, and coincides with the 53 year anniversary of ESA of VA. Amazing to watch, this event is sure to appeal to surfing fans everywhere.