• Friday, December 2nd

Celebrate the vibrant Latino community on Ocracoke Island which has been growing and thriving in the past 20 years with this special festival that features a wealth of tempting foods, arts and crafts, music, activities for kids, and much more. Held at the Ocracoke School during the day and the Ocracoke Community Center at night, this festival deliciously combines education and effortless fun to present a day that visitors of all tastes will adore.

The festival kicks off with a morning and afternoon event at the local school, where visitors will be treated to authentic food, eye-catching art, and traditional Mexican games such as Raiguela, Cintas, Loteria Tournaments, & much more. After the display of art, food and games, visitors will be treated to live music and folkloric dances at the school, before the festival moves to the Ocracoke Community Center for a community-wide dance with a regional band as well as a DJ. Open to residents and visitors alike, this unique winter festival puts a local culture in a spotlight and allows visitors to experience all the flavors of an amazing community in a small coastal village. With lots of family-friendly activities and plenty of fun, this event will be a highlight for any Ocracoke visitor.