• Friday, November 1st 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

The historic Island Farm in Manteo takes on a spooky new appearance during this Halloween season event that will send chills down anyone’s spine. Highlighting this local attraction from an entirely new after-hours perspective, these spooky tours are sure to be a thrilling addition to any off-season Outer Banks vacation.

The theme of these evening tours is “Draped In Black; Victorian Death Rituals,” and during a stroll through the grounds of the Island Farm, visitors will take a nighttime tour into the home of a local grieving widow. Along the way, visitors will learn about the peculiar and unique ways that families grieved for the loss of a loved one during the 1800s, and will hear stories all about the farm’s former residents by the light of an oil lantern. Followed by a visit to the family graveyard to see the final resting places, this spooky but undeniably educational tour will enlighten and thrill visitors and Halloween fans alike. Open to all ages, with an admission price of $10, (and free for kids under the age of 5), this unique tour is a great way for visitors and locals alike to experience the iconic Island Farm in an entirely new and spine-tingling way.