You can truly choose your own Outer Banks adventure with this company that has a mission to promote conservation and respect for the natural resources of the OBX while creating fun and family-friendly experiences that highlight the beauty of this barrier island shoreline. EnvirOBX Island EcoAdventures features a far-ranging variety of customizable trips that range from kayak fishing expeditions to full OBX experiences complete with area tours, ensuring that visitors of all interests can find the perfect experience that captures the inherent beauty of the OBX lifestyle.

A wide array of interests can be accommodated by the friendly and knowledgeable guides of EnvirOBX Island EcoAdventures, and every experience uncovers a secretive and stunning spot along the waters of the Outer Banks. Enjoy a kayak fishing trip to reel in big catches or sign up for surfing lessons to experience the great waves that the OBX is renowned for. There is also a wide array of kayak eco-tours available, as well as sailing tours and lessons, and the full “OBX Experience” which highlights the many seafood providers, farmers, brewers, and other professionals who make the OBX a remarkable place to be. With so many options, EnvirOBX Island EcoAdventures is a great way to dive into the natural beauty of the OBX, and miles beyond.

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