Forget to pack something, or run out of time? Stock up on all the odds and ends you will need during your vacation at The Dollar Tree in Kill Devil Hills. With all items priced at $1.00, you’re sure to find a great value.

The Dollar Tree offers a range of items, including household products, cards and gift items, groceries, toiletries and bath products, toys, kitchenware and pet supplies. This is also where you can buy inexpensive beach and pool toys for the little ones without breaking the bank. 

If you are planning a big dinner or party, check out the Dollar Tree for napkins, themed paper plates, utensils and paper cups. You’ll find a great deal on party decorations as well. If you are bringing back a gift or souvenir for a friend, gift bags are plentiful at the Dollar Tree and you will enjoy the savings. The Dollar Tree is a great place to buy batteries for a great price as well, so stock up here for listening to your boom box on the beach!

Located in Dare Center Shopping Center next to Food Lion, check out the Dollar Tree when you head out to shop for groceries. The Dollar Tree offers a number of staples for the pantry as well snacks that you can pack for the beach to please a crowd.

You can’t go wrong when everything costs just one dollar!

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