Corolla Village Barbeque is a small screened-in stand that offers outside seating with shade provided by trees and a few umbrellas. You can order a variety of BBQ plates that come with hearty sides. All food is ordered to go and can be purchased as plates, sandwiches, whole uncut chickens, half and whole racks of ribs and half pints, pints and quarts. The menu features Pork BBQ, BBQ chicken, BBQ pork ribs and a combination of ribs and chicken. You have a choice of white or dark meat. All plates come with cornbread and a choice of two sides. Choose from coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, macaroni salad or candied yams. Pork BBQ sandwiches come on either a 4- or 5-inch bun. Drinks include Coke products and Stewart sodas, Snapple and other tea choices. Season your food with three kinds of sauces: vinegar sauce, BBQ chicken sauce and hot sauce. A specialty offering is the Hadley BBQ bowl that features layers of BBQ, baked beans, macaroni and potato salad and cornbread. Enjoy a chocolate, Vanilla or vanilla/Chocolate twist, soft serve ice cream cone or cup as a great way to finish off a saucy meal. The folks at Corolla BBQ are happy to do big orders. You can visit them on Facebook.

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