Visit this large clustering of shops to fulfill a wide variety of needs and desires. The center provokes everything from adventure to relaxation Corolla style. Hook your self up with a horse tour, get rigged up with fishing supplies, cast a line in a catch and release pool, skateboard at the park. Reserve a kayak or Jeep for a beach tour. All your beach rental needs can be met from an accommodation or bicycle to a Segway or scooter.

Creature comfort needs are especially important.

You will find hot coffee, cool ice cream, sizzling pizza, delectable seafood and cheesy steaks. Enjoy mouth-watering fudge, an Italian feast, saucy ribs or fresh bagels. Shops offer gifts, books, music, jewelry, clothing and surfboards. Hey, the center even has a convenience store, bakery and fruit stand!

Currituck Beach Lighthouse

Currituck Beach Lighthouse

The Currituck Beach Lighthouse, located in the heart of Corolla, borders the historic Whalehead in Historic Corolla and still functions as a guide for passing mariners. At 162' feet tall, the lighthouse's First Order Fresnel light, (the largest size available for American lighthouses), can be seen for 18 nautical miles as the light rotates in 20 second increments.