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Corolla Adventures is a family owned and operated business. The Meredith family has been providing vacationers with entertainment for nearly two decades. My late father opened The Waterworks, a watersports rental store in Nags Head during the 1980’s.

My brother and I grew up working alongside our dad, taking on greater challenges as the business rapidly grew. At the height of jet ski popularity we operated 5 locations, stretching from Ocracoke to Corolla. It was during those early years, working while on break from school, that I began to appreciate the impact our activities had on the quality of a family’s vacation.

We offered Jeep rentals as a safe way to tour the northern beaches, while at the same time pioneering the use of GPS technology for wild horse safaris. Customers became their own guides, able to spend quality time with their families while taking charge of their adventures. Using the GPS to concentrate their efforts on finding the ponies and other points of interest left more time for other family activities- like searching for the perfect shell to take home as a souvenier, or maybe just finding a quiet spot to enjoy a picnic they may have packed. We’re still at it and hope to make vacations special for families for many years to come!

Join us anytime for your adventure. We are open YEAR ROUND.