Stylish, contemporary and a little bit different --- that describes the women’s clothing selection at this boutique. Although there are a lot of pieces that would be most suitable for young women --- like skinny jeans---- there are also many styles that would appeal to women of any age.

Most of the clothing is casual sportswear, including gorgeous leather jackets, silky scarves and colorful dresses. Some dresses are nicely displayed on Fifth Avenue-like mannequins. Purses and bags, as well as sandals, boots and shoes can be found among the clothing racks. In fact, although the store is not very big, it seems like every inch is filled with merchandise. The clothing racks have so many pieces hanging from them, it’s almost difficult to push them aside while browsing. With high wooden ceilings and brick-like touches, décor is interesting and light-hearted. Look for the Barbie dolls lining the top of one wall. The store also sells some cutting edge men’s styles, as well as some home accessories and furnishings.


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