Chameleon Clogs is a different kind of shoe store for the Outer Banks, one that you might expect to see in Asheville. Located at the Shoppes at 10.5 in Nags Head, which is off the Bypass at Milepost 10.5, the store is filled with colorful clogs for women, ranging from dressy styles to utilitarian shoes worn for comfort and ease of walking. The unique, custom clogs are made with beautiful woven tops, red patent leather, hand-painted designs and unusual patterns like cow, giraffe, oriental and brown leopard.  Chameleon Clogs has recently partnered with Dala Clogs, a traditional Swedish clog with orthopedically constructed footbeds that support even weight distribution.  Fans say the footwear has a soft step and helps to eliminate lower back strain and foot discomfort. Owner Rabiah Hodges is a well-known Outer Banks artisan who appreciates quality. Hours on Sunday are by appointment. 



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