B&B Antiques is chocked full of eye-catching collectibles and treasures from the past along with lots of “other cool stuff.”

You could spend days browsing through the quilts, art, furniture, glassware, lamps - vintage baking supplies to old-fashioned baby strollers - and all the knick-knacks in between and still not see everything. And there’s lots of OBX memorabilia as well, including prints of the old Nags Head Casino, old photos with local fisherman displaying their catches, many beautiful duck decoys and old fishing lures and buoys.

There’s a whole section on cooking supplies, including the old mixing bowls they don’t make any more, glass juicers that never lose their appeal and older, but often better, utensils for use or display.

Besides antiques and the vintage culinary collection, the other cool stuff includes men’s and women’s jewelry, nice fabric and needlework art - and a whole “cave” of hunting and bar paraphernalia, with old tools, fishing and hunting collectibles and books. The shop also carries local artists’ prints and original paintings and rare and vintage books.

Towering over it all stands a gorgeous oak armoire filled with vintage boy scout and other uniforms. Another fine piece of furniture, if it’s still there, is a large world globe and stand, the kind you used to see in libraries.

It would be hard to visit B&B and not find something useful or decorative, a great OBX souvenir or the perfect gift for a special friend or family member. You’ll find B&B Antiques less than a mile south of the Kitty Hawk Post Office on the sound side, at the Buccaneer's Walk. Call for fall and winter schedules.

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