Established in 1977, Whalebone Tackle has everything an angler or commercial fisherman needs. This is a straight-ahead tackle store, nothing fancy or pretty about it. But what it has is staff who thoroughly know their stuff, not just about what they stock, but how it’s used, where to fish, what’s in season, what’s being caught, what the regulations are, how to get to the best fishing spots and what to expect from the weather. Most days, the owner himself is on hand to give his take on the latest. Besides the standard gear you’d expect, from names like Shimano, Berkely Gulp, Flambeau, Power Pro, Calcutta, Eagle Claw, Igloo and much more, the store also sells T-shirts, sunglasses and numerous fishing accessories. Whalebone has earned a fine reputation for its custom-designed rods for charter boats, especially those used to catch tuna and marlins. The tackle store also repairs equipment.  




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