This sound side stand is a great stop for a sweet pick-me-up. Its offerings are simple yet to the point so you won’t spend too much time in the hot sun wandering through a lengthy menu. Enjoy soft serve ice cream in regular and waffle cones. Spinkles can be added!   flavors are the good old standbys: vanilla, chocolate and vanilla/chocolate swirl. Or you can opt for a banana, pina colada or strawberry smoothie. Packaged ice cream offers more choices including six flavors of ice cream in a cup – cookies n’ cream, cotton candy, orange blossom, strawberry sundae, dulce de leche and chocolate sundae. Yes, they have delicious ice cream sandwiches and even a Twix ice cream bar. You will love their Moose Tracks cones and variety of ice cream bars including chocolate éclair. All packaged ice cream is by Hershey. Wash down your treat with a soft drink or cup of water. Prices are reasonable, the location can’t be beat.  

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