Try My Nuts, Co. is a gourmet shop with fun in the mix. The names of the products alone will have you laughing! This includes lollypops called Insane Pops, 100% Pain Salsa and CAF-FIEND Extra Strong Coffee for Junkies. The venue is well known for its delicious nuts that come in a variety of flavors. They offer everything from almonds and macadamia nuts to sunflower seeds and toasted favorites. Eat chocolate covered nuts, crabby nuts, hot nuts and seasoned and sweet nuts. That’s just the beginning of the fun. Enjoy trying a wide variety of dips, condiments, hot sauces, salsas, marinades, rubs and spices, as well. They sell so many treats and delectable foods, they will drive you wild! Indulge in rum cake, fried green tomatoes, and to-die-for white chocolate covered cashew toffee. You will become so hooked, you will be signing up for one of their many clubs: Chocolate of the Month, Nut of the Month and Hot Sauce of the Month. This is a great stop for gifts, and they will prepare gift baskets and packages for you. Pick up a T-shirt, apron, hat, boxers, and other new merchandise while you are there!

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