Hot day at the beach have you craving something cool, creamy, and fun? Visit Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt and you are sure to be satisfied!

The Kitty Hawk store recently opened early this spring, and was an instant hit with locals and visitors alike. Sweet Frog gives you a chance to use your creativity to create your perfect frozen yogurt desert. First, choose from a variety of delicious frozen yogurt flavors. The shop even includes sugar free options! Then you go on to decide your toppings. The shop offers choices like fresh fruit, nuts, candy, sprinkles, and different syrups. Sweet Frog then weighs your creation to determine what you pay. The prices are extremely reasonable for the delicious personalized treats that you get.

Sweet Frog is a perfect place to bring the whole family for a midday treat or for an after dinner desert. You really can’t go wrong, as everyone can find something that they like. The shop is a charming and the service is great. 

Be sure to check out the tee-shirts and merchandise at Sweet Frog. Grab a shirt to remember your great personalized experience at a fun favorite froyo spot. Why not make everyone happy, and give them exactly what they want at Sweet Frog.

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