You've been wanting to do it, so you might as well take the leap! Skydive OBX operates from the Dare County Regional Airport on Roanoke Island. They have experienced skydivers and a licensed pilot to guide you through your first – or more – jumps.

Their Cessna 182, with an FAA-approved jump door, holds 2 tandem students and their instructors. Jumps occur at 9000 feet. Divers will experience a 30 second freefall before the canopy opens.

So what does it feel like? The actual dive has been described as exhilarating. Normal landings are said to have less impact than jumping off a chair. Divers move through the air at 120 miles per hour or 200 feet per second.

The weather must be above VFR or Visible Flight Rules and safe minimums.

You must be 18 years old and have valid identification. Wear season-appropriate, casual clothing and sport shoes. Safety is built in with their Automatic Activation Device that deploys a reserve parachute at a preset altitude. They offer special prices for students, military and groups of five or more. Feel free to bring your family and friends. There is a viewing area!  

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