Ships Watch Realty and Resort is a local realty company that specializes in assisting buyers and sellers throughout the Outer Banks, and especially in the central and northern OBX regions. Starting in 2012, the company grew to provide exceptional services to potential clients outside of the confines of the Ships Watch Resort, and as a result, brought their expertise to a larger clientele of sellers and buyers all along the Outer Banks

Ships Watch Realty and Resort benefits from a unique blend of both expertise and experience, and the sales team has an intricate knowledge of the past and future trends of the real estate market on the Outer Banks. As a result, buyers and sellers alike will be privy to decades of knowledge, and can rest assured that they will receive the utmost value for their property for sale, or will acquire the best deal possible on a potential vacation rental home, primary residence, or lot. With detailed electronic systems that keep both buyers and sellers in the loop on all happenings associated with their property - including current rentals, inspections, repairs and more – clients of all varieties will have access to a full database of information that enhances the experience of working with the acclaimed sales team at Ships Watch Realty and Resort.

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