There is sea glass jewelry and then there is Pem Bryant’s jewelry. The Roanoke Island resident truly is an artist with vision who is prolific regarding new designs.

Not only is Bryant passionate about his medium, he is knowledgeable about what the glass used to be before it was naturally tumbled in the sea. His expertise doesn’t stop there. Bryant is an educated jewelry designer and master craftsman – a big departure from the usual wire-wrapped sea glass jewelry artists.

A trained goldsmith, Bryant pushes himself to always being ahead of the curve in fashioning what rightfully can be called fine jewelry.

This artist has shown his work in art exhibitions and is frequently seen at the local craft shows. He operates out of a private studio, but has a website, Facebook page and showcases his jewelry in the Dare County Arts Council Gallery in downtown Manteo. You can purchase his jewelry online and also at the Manteo Farmer's Market in the summer! 

The jewelry is breathtaking. His sea glass is not altered, but used just as it appeared on the shore where it was collected. The colors vary including sea blue and greens, rich cobalt and even rare red.

Bryant takes no shortcuts in his craftsmanship. Examine the work closely and imagine the countess hours it takes to design a single piece of jewelry.

You can view his work year round and learn more about this avid beachcomber at his website. As an artist, he holds varied hours, but he is vigilent in responding to website inquiries.  He also posts upcoming shows online. Bryant is available year round. 

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