The year round Sea Breeze Trail in Hatteras Village takes you on an educational journey through the salt marsh and the upland maritime forest.  The ridge and swale system clearly can be seen by the rise and fall of the terrain and the vegetation that is present.

Enjoy viewing many kinds of plant species including loblolly pine, black needlerush, wax myrtle, red juniper, saltmarsh cordgrass, saltmeadow cordgrass, red bay, live oak, salt pruning, dwarf palmetto, yaupon, cotton bush, marsh mallow. Animal life you may see includes herons, egrets, ibises, osprey, skimmers, blackbirds, wrens, kingfishers, cardinals and grackles. Spot northern black racers, king snakes, yellow-bellied sliders, and skinks.

Numbers on railings of the walkway mark the different plant species along the trail.  You will appreciate the peace and beauty in the park. Check out a slide show online at Make sure you pick up the handsome brochure at the Dare County Visitor’s Center that is dedicated to the Sea Breeze Trail. It describes in depth the habitat and the species that live there. It is a most valuable tool and a must see.



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