For Sara DeSpain, these fragile sand banks serve as more than artistic inspiration. The OBX is her physical and spiritual home and the very essence of the pieces she creates.

Take for example her exquisite gold and silver pendants, formed from molds of actual sea-softened shell shards DeSpain gleans during her frequent beach combings, enhanced by either a natural pearl or rare gemstone. Even her souvenir beads are unique reflections of the Outer Banks. Mimicking fossils, formed with molds of tiny “ocean sculpted” seashells, these miniature masterpieces offer tourists and gift-givers lovely and very affordable keepsakes.

Outer Banks’ premier jewelry designer, DeSpain began her career in 1974 and has since handcrafted her own creations. Besides being a creative designer and skilled goldsmith, DeSpain is a graduate gemologist. The rare and precious gems used in her work come from all over the world and represent the highest quality in gemstones available. It’s the perfect combination for finding that special anniversary gift or creating that one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

In addition to showcasing her own work, DeSpain’s shop at Osprey Landing serves as a gallery for talented artists from across America, as well as other local designers she has handpicked for their skill and individuality in expression.

DeSpain says her mission is “to help you find that one thing you can't live without.”

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