• Thursday, August 1st 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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Catch an incredible perspective of thousands of purple martins that come to roost in the heart of the Outer Banks with a special boat tour that hugs the coastline and provides incredible vantage points for this natural show. Held on special dates in early August, these boat tours are a wonderful way to catch one of the most incredible occurrences on the Outer Banks – the summertime arrival of countless purple martins.

Every year, purple martins travel from up to 150 miles away to land on the Outer Banks and roost at the edge of the Old Manns Harbor Bridge, which is found just west of Manteo. During this natural event, visitors can climb aboard the Crystal Dawn headboat for a special cruise to the scene that coincides with a waterfront sunset, and which presents plenty of fantastic photo ops along the way. A guide will provide insight on this event – including the reasons why the purple martins flock to the Outer Banks – and the easy-going cruise to the site is a once-a-year natural occurrence that will wow visitors and locals alike. Enlightening for nature fans of all ages, this special tour is a great opportunity to see an amazing natural show from a unique and on-the-water perspective.