• Saturday, January 19th - Sunday, January 20th

Couples who have always dreamed about a romantic wedding on the Outer Banks will want to attend this special off-season expo that shines a spotlight on all the different wedding vendors that this scenic coastline has to offer. Sponsored by the Outer Banks Wedding Association, this two-day event has become the go-to festival for visitors from all over the country who want to discover how magical it can be to get married on the OBX.

The centerpiece of the Outer Banks Wedding Expo is the main show in the heart of Kill Devil Hills, where dozens and dozens of vendors will set up shop to tell prospective couples about how their dream wedding can be simply obtainable. Caterers, bakers, wedding planners, musicians, officiants, and venues will all be represented at the show, the event has plenty of wedding cake and food samples, a live fashion show, and other giveaways and extras to entice folks to attend. In addition, the Expo has a full tour of venues throughout the Outer Banks, so that couples can find the perfect spot for their dream wedding. Entertaining throughout, the Outer Banks Wedding Expo is the first destination a couple should go to in order to plan the perfect OBX wedding.