• Friday, July 26th - Sunday, July 28th

Spectators and active watersports fans alike are welcome to head out to the beach near Jennette’s Pier to catch a spectacular on-the-water show by some of the best skimboarders on the East Coast. The Outer Banks Skim Jam is hosted by Skim USA, which is a youth focused organization that has been promoting the sport of skimboarding for more than 30 years.

Skimboarding involves carving along the breaking waves close to shore, and is a popular sport with locals and visitors alike who love the ocean. This special skimboarding competition will feature the talents of local boarders as well as boarders from all over the country, who will all show their stuff along the Nags Head shoreline. Visitors who want to catch the impressive display of athletics will want to bring along a couple beach chairs, a towel, and find a sandy spot close to the surf to enjoy the show. Spectators are welcome at the event, and in addition to the annual competition on the Outer Banks, the Skim USA organization provides scholarships for talented borders and promising Skim USA team members. Don’t miss an opportunity to see skimboarders at their best at this cool competition that will leave everyone longing to ride the waves.