• This is a past event. We will update next upcoming event details as soon as they are available.

Enjoy a wide open but perfectly comfortable tour of the expansive Alligator River National Wildlife refuge with this special weekly event that will engage nature lovers of all varieties. The Open-air Tram Tour takes visitors on a breezy trip through the heart of the refuge, and presents a wonderful opportunity to learn all about the wild residents who call this large parcel of barely-inland terrain home.

The tour launches from the Creef Cut Trail parking lot, and from there, the comfy open air tram with a shaded canvas top will follow a route through some of the best wildlife and birdwatching vantage points in the refuge. A friendly guide will teach visitors all about the plants and wildlife and thrive in the salty environment, and visitors are encouraged to bring along cameras and binoculars to see the unique animals and birds up close. Visitors are welcome to bring along a seat cushion or towel, and drinking water / snacks, bug spray, and comfortable shoes are also recommended. The price is $10 per adult, and is free for all kids 12 and under who are embarking on the tour with an adult. A unique experience for nature fans of all ages, the Open-air Tram Tour is a great way to uncover the Outer Banks’ wild side.