• Saturday, November 28th

Ring in the holidays island-style with this seasonal parade that takes place on the waters that surrounds Ocracoke village. The Ocracoke Parade of Boats is a celebration of life on the water, and this annual procession of ships of all shapes and sizes is sure to make anyone fall in love with the coastal scene and community that calls Ocracoke Island home.

Located roughly 30 miles in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Ocracoke Island has a long maritime history that is ingrained in the four-square mile Ocracoke village. In this small town that is only accessible by boat, life revolves around the Silver Lake Harbor, where countless vessels can be found on any given day. During this annual parade, visitors will watch an array of ships – many with unique coastal or holiday décor schemes – make a procession along the banks of the harbor to the delight of sightseers of all ages. The event is free to all spectators, and any visitor can find a casual seat along the waterfront to watch the action. Always a jolly event, the annual Ocracoke Parade of Boats is a great way to experience the maritime culture of this corner of the southern Outer Banks while enjoying a seasonal celebration.