• Tuesday, June 20th 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
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Ocracoke Island was once the home of infamous swashbucklers who pillaged the local shores, and visitors can learn all about these true and utterly fascinating stories by attending the Ocracoke Island: Pirates! Weekly talk in the heart of Ocracoke Village.

This brief but engaging 30-minute presentation highlights all the infamous pirates and privateers who called the Outer Banks a home away from home, from Stede Bonnet, to Anne Bonney, to Edward Teach, who is better known as Blackbeard the Pirate himself. Throughout the presentation, visitors will also learn how Ocracoke Island played a key role in piracy, and ever served as one of the favorite destinations for Blackbeard before his demise. The talk is held at the scenic Ocracoke Visitor Center Amphitheater at the very edge of NC Highway 12 near the Ocracoke Island ferry docks, and is free and open to anyone who wants to pull up a seat and listen as the tales of piracy unfold. Hosted by the National Park Service and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, and open to visitors of all ages, this talk presents an incredible opportunity to learn all about Ocracoke’s legendary brushes with pirates while enjoying a scenic setting in historical Ocracoke Village.