Want a new way to ride around the beach? Ditch the car and the bike, and hit up OBX Beach Buggies to rent your completely street legal golf cart!

OBX Beach Buggies offers families a new way to get around the OBX. A buggy is the perfect option if you do not want to carry all of your gear to the beach. You can strap on your kayak or surfboard, and load up the cart with towels, coolers, beach toys, and of course your kids. 

The Buggies are completely street legal, as long as you stay on roads with 35 mph speed limit (or less). You cannot take your buggy on the beach, as no vehicles are permitted on the sand in Kitty Hawk. You can park your buggy anywhere street parking is available. Worried about getting to the location of OBX Beach Buggies? No worries, the staff will come to your location with your rental.

You also do not have to worry about gas prices with your buggy, as the cars are electric. Just charge your cart, and you can go up to 25 miles with it. You can also choose to rent a non-street legal golf cart, which allows you to drive on residential roads only. Call for complete details.  So go ahead and dodge some gas prices with an electric beach buggy! 

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