Just like it sounds, a snowball is shaved ice, covered with flavored syrup. Originated in Baltimore, they provide a great way to cool down on a summer night, and Island Snowball has brought the refreshing treat to the Outer Banks with affordable prices. 

The fine-shaved filtered ice is covered with a choice of 50 handmade flavored syrups  like Hawaiian Crème or Marshmallow.  The owners say they’ve tasted snowballs all over the world, and are confident that their syrups have some of the richest flavors available anywhere. Combined with the not-too-sweet flavoring, the snowball tastes like a creamy Italian ice. But its fluffy texture prevents the ice from melting as fast, which keeps the syrup on the snowball, rather than going to the bottom. 

Sugar-free and dye-free syrups are available for the asking, and adults as well as children love this low-calorie treat. With a fun Tiki-bar décor, the shop features a big chalk board for kids to draw on while they wait, and local art decorates the walls.  The menu is written on colored chalk in big letters, and footprints  on the floor--- barefoot and shoed --- lead customers to the counter.

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