Visitors can melt into a vacation state of mind, or enjoy a good workout that will get the blood flowing, with a private session or class that is hosted by Hatteras Yoga.  Located in the town of Frisco on the southern end of Hatteras Island, Hatteras Yoga is a laid back and yet experienced yoga studio that can cater to fitness fans of all abilities, and which can provide a little well-deserved relaxation for visitors in the southern Outer Banks.

Hatteras Yoga offers multiple classes on a regular basis to cater to yoga fans of all varieties. Ranging from simple hatha yoga which is ideal for beginners, to more advanced Vinyasa Flow sessions, the classes which are traditionally held in the morning and evening hours can help visitors and locals alike relax throughout the day. In addition to the classes, Hatteras Yoga also offers private yoga instruction as well as special yoga classes on the area beaches, which are an especially relaxing way to enjoy the pristine local landscape. With a wide array of ways to stretch, relax, and get moving, the sheer variety of classes and practice options via Hatteras Yoga will appeal to fitness fans of all varieties.

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