Located at the Outlets in Nags Head. Whatever “unmentionable” garment you need, you’ll likely be able to find it here.  There’s a vast selection of Bali, Hanes and Playtex in both women’s panties and bras. Sizes go from pre-teen tiny to extra large, but naturally the best choices are in the mid-ranges. There is also a large line of Champion athletic wear for women, which is hard to find on the Outer Banks. The selection of high impact bras for exercise is especially good, and there’s often a sale. The store also sells lacy and more delicate underwear for romantic evenings, as well as some shape wear. And yes, the store also sells men’s under garments, but you have to go to the back to find them. And that’s where you’ll also find women’s socks and panti-hose. 

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