If you are a kite boarder or windsurfing enthusiast, you have to stop at Haulover. Called one of the most popular spots for such activities on the east coast, Haulover draws surfers from across the globe. Watching the athletes ride the wind and water is a breathtaking site year round. The area is located on the west side of highway 12 in between Avon and Buxton. Haulover has convenient showers, changing stations and restrooms. There is a sizeable parking lot. The amazing water hole is located in a narrow section of the island making it possible to enjoy wind spots and then cross the street to the nearby ocean for surfing, swimming and shelling activities. It’s all free!

Haulover was formed in the 1960s after a storm cut an inlet across Hatteras Island. Sand was dredged from the sound to rebuild the road. The dredging carved depressions, which helped create perfect conditions for windsurfing and kiteboarding. It is ocated south of Avon just off the highway. 

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