Green Acres Farm Market in South Duck at Wee Winks Square provides fresh produce from one of the largest and oldest family-owned farms in the area, located in Jarvisburg in Currituck County.

In addition to stocking Green Acres with a wide selection of fruits and vegetables, this farm also supplies several markets and restaurants throughout the area with fresh produce.

The produce they provide is mostly summer season varieties, including green and red bell, banana and chili peppers; yellow squash; green beans; zuchini; cucumber; onions; garlic; potatoes; several kinds of tomatoes and more. And what they don’t grow themselves on the family farm, Green Acres will get from other local farmers and elsewhere.

When available, Green Acres also carries organically-grown produce and tropical fruits like fresh pineapple. And their selection of berries and grapes, along with luscious locally grown melons, will add color, as well as quality low-calorie sweetness to any meal.

You’ll find on the market’s shelves a great variety of locally-made dressings and sauces and, in the cooler, asparagus, lettuces, spring mix, spring onions, salsa and herbs. A special treat found hanging from the rafters are large burlap bags of fresh-roasted peanuts.

The family market is open in the peak of the season, from June to August, from 10:30 - 6:30 and boasts the “freshest produce in Duck and the Outer Banks,” from their “farm to your table."

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