The locally-owner Foodarama does a great job keeping up with the big chain stores. The small town grocery, open year round,  is clean and well maintained. Sales are posted regularly on their outdoor marquis. Produce is fresh. And they’ve been working over the years to introduce new items that appeal to a variety of tastes. This includes some health foods including a line of Amy’s products.

For a smaller store, they have a good selection of beer and an entire wall of wine from which to choose. The deli offers homemade lunches such as prepared meats, macaroni and cheese and a variety of veggies. The dairy section offers plenty of new yogurts. Food-a-rama also features a typical international section with Mexican and Asian foods as well as some Indian choices. Frozen pizzas include some healthy Margarita pizzas that are particularly delicious, and they do offer Breyers and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, a real plus!

They also have a Red Box movie dispenser! Keep in mind that you can't buy alcohol until after 1 p.m. on Sundays. 

All the staples are available at Foodarama. But what’s really great - you can ride your bike, walk or hop in the car for a short drive, and shop in a neighborhood store without breaking the bank. 

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