Famous for its wind, the Outer Banks is the place to fly a kite, for sure! This is where the Wright Brothers recorded human beings’ first powered flight. If you are spending any amount of time here, you have to throw everything to the wind and get some gear. Flying Smiles Kites is run by kite enthusiasts who talk the talk and walk the walk. They provide everything from kite flying lessons to a kite hospital where you can get your beloved kite diagnosed and repaired! They can outfit you with just the right kite from deltas and diamonds to specialty kites. Purchase a dual-line kite here or a Revolution quad-line kite. Shop for kite accessories and kite building and repair materials. It’s ok if kites are not your thing. They also stock games, balls, puzzles, sporting goods, beach accessories and vacation toys. Search for a new piece of jewelry as well as a special outfit. It’s an eclectic shop with choices for a variety of ages. They will place special orders and also offer free basic kite instruction with new kite purchases. Call for off season hours.

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