This is a great place to find staples year round at a reasonable price. Stock up on beauty aids for less than drugstore prices. They have household cleaning agents for less as well. It’s as if you are in a scaled down version of a department super store that features clothing, food, hardware, décor, pet supplies and more.

Don’t expect designer styles, but some cute tops and leggings and jeans definitely show up on the ever-changing clothing racks.

Home décor includes bedding, curtains and knick knacks. If used with taste, they will not look like they came from a budget shop. Supplementing with bargains also will allow you to make pricier purchases elsewhere. But never overlook Family Dollar. Quirky things show up here that can lend personality to the home - like a very cool china vase. There is something for everyone such as toys and art supplies, auto items, fix-it needs and lots of storage boxes including some interesting, decorative ones that don’t have to be stored away and are very competitive in price. 

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