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Discover the beauty of the Outer Banks with Duck Parasail. Duck Parasail is proud to partner with Corolla Parasail and together, they take pride in being the longest running, family owned and operated parasail company on the Outer Banks.

We are dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with a top-tier parasailing experience--from our staff's customer service to our crew member's attire while on the dock and on the boat. As industry professionals, we know this is hard to come by in the ever-interesting world of water sports, but as husbands and fathers; mothers and wives, you can trust Duck Parasail will provide a safe, comfortable, and professional environment for you and your loved ones.

Our United States Coast Guard Licensed 100-Ton Master Captains have over 60 years of industry experience combined—an unmatched level of parasail-exclusive experience from the northern beaches to the southern-most point of these amazing Barrier Islands.

Anyone can have general boating experience, but our captains and crew have been parasailing for decades and with their ultimate know-how, put your safety above all else.

We strictly adhere to the WSIA (Water Sports Industry Association) weather and equipment standards, which is not a requirement in the parasail industry, but a bonus—one that guarantees the safest possible parasail excursion for you and your loved ones.

Our captains are eager to learn from and improve customer satisfaction by working closely with their crew—trained, CPR & First Aid Certified avid watermen—year after year to ensure your parasailing trip is an extraordinary experience of the highest caliber. This you can trust.

Duck Parasail is the only company running a FLEET of US Coast Guard Certified and Inspected 12 passenger Ocean Pros on the Outer Banks, with boats leaving from the North Beach (Currituck) Lighthouse, Corolla, and Duck.

Our powerful, top-of-the-line boats were designed specifically for parasailing and are proven to ensure the most comfortable and dry ride around the sound.

Our boats leave every half hour in the mornings and late afternoons, and because we are running not one, but TWO Ocean Pros at our North Beach (Currituck) Lighthouse and Corolla locations, we are able to easily guarantee more flying time per group and can accommodate up to 24 passengers at a time!

Trust when we say parasailing above the Outer Banks is truly one of the best things to do when visiting this amazing beach we are fortunate enough to call home.

Duck Parasail knows you have plenty of options when parasailing on the Outer Banks and we strongly encourage you to do your research when deciding which company to fly with during your vacation. When calling around to book, be sure to ask plenty of extra questions—after all, information is free!

  1. Is the company an active member of the WSIA (Water Sports Industry Association), an organization regulating the safety, rules, and laws of the parasail industry? Any and ALL legitimate parasail operations are.
  2. How long have your captains been in the parasail industry specifically? It is one thing to have basic boating experience, and an entirely different thing to have parasail-exclusive experience. Our captain-owner-operators have the most parasail-exclusive experience on the Outer Banks.
  3. Does the company utilize the latest parasail safety equipment, such as a “chute wrangler,” a “para-snail,” and a tool that industry professionals call, “the help?” These are just a few of the life-saving tools meant to protect customers in the event of a water landing. There is no reason they should not be on board every operational parasail vessel.

If a company cannot answer the above questions with complete confidence, it is advised that you continue looking but fortunately for you, Duck Parasail can. As the best on the beach, we’ve got your back. 

Corolla & Duck Parasail is proud to work closely with the FAA, bringing you the absolute safest and highest flight on the market for an unforgettable adventure.

Soar high at 500 feet or 800 feet of line (the max allowable height as determined by the FAA) for stunning views of the Outer Banks

As Active United States’ Coast Guard licensed Master Captains with the most industry experience combined on the Outer Banks, we are proud to offer the highest flight heights to our customers. 

Parasailing on the Outer Banks is one of the most sought-after kid-friendly and family-friendly activities, so call or book online now to enjoy unmatched panoramic view of these incredible barrier islands with Corolla & Duck Parasail—the Outer Banks’ leading and ONLY parasail authority.

Duck Parasail is here to help you and your loved ones create lasting memories.


Mom and Dad—want to guarantee you get a spot on the boat with your kids or loved ones? We’ve got you covered. Corolla Parasail is the only parasail company in Corolla guaranteeing at LEAST one observer per group. While some other companies may offer “free observers,” there is simply no way to ensure this unless you are flying with us.

Corolla Parasail is the ONLY company in Corolla guaranteeing observers—those who wish to ride on the boat, but not fly. We can 100% guarantee one observer per group and upon signing up, if there is space available, more observers are welcome aboard. How do we do it?

…TWO BOATS! With the addition of our newest Ocean Pro, we are able to accommodate 24 passengers at a time — something no other parasail company on this beach can offer. We are so excited to be the FIRST AND ONLY parasail operation that can.

Promotional discounts and specials excluded, when booking, please be weary of companies giving away anything for free (a free flight, a free observer space, etc.) and/or drastically reduced pricing. In this industry, you get what you pay for. Corolla Parasail runs a top-notch operation and we are very proud of that. 

Parasailing on the Outer Banks is one of the most sought-after kid-friendly and family-friendly activities, so call or book online now to enjoy unmatched panoramic view of these incredible barrier islands with Corolla & Duck Parasail—the Outer Banks’ leading and ONLY parasail authority.

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