Located in northeastern North Carolina, Currituck County Regional Airport is a publicly owned General Aviation airport with plans to expand dramatically over the next few years.

The airport started out as a military installation during World War II and was later taken over by the County. At first used only a by few flight enthusiasts, it has now grown to 34 based aircraft. Expanding along with Currituck County’s dramatic growth that began in the 1990s, the facility has developed a 20-year Airport Improvement Program which has already extended the runway to 5500' and constructed a terminal building.

On site at the airport are an Automated Weather Observing System (with accessible radio and telephone updates), self-service jet fuel and hangars for lease. The terminal provides a comfortable lounge for pilots and the public and also has a spacious lobby with a vending area, along with an office, conference room and operations room.

As an extra attraction, the facilty offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, the Atlantic Ocean and the Currituck Sound as you soar to heights up to 2000 feet with tow-plane hang gliding. These flights are supervised by certified Kitty Hawk Kites instructors.
You can contact the Airport Manager in Maple, NC for more information, and the terminal has a separate number: 252-453-8032. It's located just 25 miles northeast of Elizabeth City and about a half-hour drive from the Outer Banks.

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